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York Ghost Festival: ‘Orribly Original and coming back in 2019

The original York Ghost Festival was started in 2004 by York-based paranormal investigation group PSI (now York Paranormal), and is believed to be the first of its kind in the country, although there are now a number of other ghost festivals celebrating Hallowe’en and the paranormal. Since then, it has run every October, around Hallowe’en (except for one year, when it ran in November), until 2015. After the first year, the GhostFest became more of an umbrella title for Hallowe’en events in and around York, although PSI still run some of the events. This was the original aim of the festival, and it continues to be so.

Thank you to everybody who has participated in the past, and is participating this year, whether as organisers or attendees.

If you want to be a part of the GhostFest, let us know and we’ll add you in – it costs nothing, and we will carry on promoting you throughout the year as the website is not active just for the festival.

The organisers of the GhostFest usually make no profit from the event,


For more on events in York, see the What’s Occurring York website.
For more on York’s ghosts see our Spirit Level
For more on York’s history see our timeline

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